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Inossman NorthAmerica - CAC, a North American leader in quick response manufacturing of largelow alloyed & stainless steel, nickel alloys and aluminum bronze castings.

Today’s competitiveenvironment demands speed, not only of delivery but of design and processinnovation to maintain your competitive advantage for the long term. Inossman NA stands for Safety,Quality and Customer Responsiveness.

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Inossman North America Corp – Canada Alloy Castings became a division of Cividale spa in July 2016. 

Formerly a Division of Flowserve Canada Corp. we are a North American Leader in the Production of highly engineered steel, stainless steel castings, nickel alloys and aluminum bronze. Our experience covers a full complement of original equipment for major industries including Hydro-Electric, Nuclear Power, Mining & Construction, Petrochemical, Rail Transportation and Pulp & Paper.

Since 1956 we continued to upgrade systems, processes and personnel to the exacting demands of ISO 9001:2008.

Utilizing the latest technology in solidification modeling, foam patterns, rapid prototyping and effective APQP customer focused project management tools we are able to deliver both first time quality while meeting the high demand for on time delivery performance.



Safety is more than a priority, It is a Core Value.

Inossman North America Corp. - Canada Alloy Castings is committed to the safety and welfare of all employees through prevention, education and awareness with the ultimate goal of reducing workplace accidents, unsafe acts and hazardous conditions for the good of all.

This commitment is evident by numerous accolades which have been received in recognition of our safety performance
Canadian Foundry Association / Workplace Safety & Prevention Services
Health and Safety Recognition Award 2013
National Safety Counsel
Safety Leadership Award 2007-2012
Perfect Record Award 2008-2013
Occupational Excellence Award 2008-2013

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