Power Generation

Power Generation

Inossman North America is a reliable supplier of castings for the Power Generation market. Our experience covers both the Thermal and the Hydro applications. Within the plants for the production of electric power our supplies are meant for various critical items. Outer casings, control & stop valves, inner casings, bearing housings, diaphragms for Steam & Gas Turbines, Francis Runner, Francis Blades, Francis Runner band, Francis Runner Crown, Wicket Gates, Kaplan Runner Blades, Kaplan Runner hub, Pelton Runner for the Hydro Turbines.

Thanks to the different technologies available, Inossman North America can provide a wide range of components, weighting from 25 lbs up to 17,000 lbs for single component. Over the years, the group has built its references on all sizes of turbines up to 30 MW output

We can support any delivery plan, from standard lead times up to fast supplies to the after-market.

Castings can be produced in a large span of Steel grades and Nickel alloys as required by the specific field of application: carbon steels, low alloys and high alloys, stainless steels (austenitic, martensitic, duplex and super duplex), heat resistant steels, up to nickel alloys.

  • Kaplan Blades

    Kaplan Blades

  • Francis Runner

    Francis Runner

  • Turbine casing

    Turbine casing